Company Introduction:

Before userinterviews.com reviews let’s go into the background first. User Interviews pays users to take part in focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and other kinds of research studies. These large companies frequently seek to acquire honest consumer feedback before introducing a new product or testing a new website or app design. To date, they have assisted over 5000 businesses, including well-known brands like:

  • Adobe
  • Spotify
  • Pinterest
  • Intuit
  • Amazon
  • NN/g

My Personal UserInterviews.Com Reviews

I am a Software professional and completed some of the technical studies and a really easy 10-minute super short survey.

In technical studying was a video call on Teams with Microsoft regarding their technical product review. For this online session, they paid me $100 for a one-hour study. Similarly, I completed the technical assessment of the product with Canadian Tire.

I also completed some Unmoderated Tasks on different studies about the technical tools which paid me around $20 to $30 just for 15-minute survey types questions. For proof, you can see it in the screenshot.

One of the best platforms for consumer research that compensates people for their opinions is user interviews. User Interviews are one of the top-paying options for online platforms that I’ve personally used. You can normally anticipate making $50 to $400 per study, while compensation rates vary depending on the length and type of study.

How You Can Start Earning using UserInterviews.com

Firstly, Join and Create your profile using the following link


Fill Your Professional Details

  • Employment status
  • Job title (some studies are job role-specific)
  • Work email
  • Company
  • Company size
  • Industry

Add Your Demographic Data

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • City
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Household income
  • Level of education completed
  • Marital status
  • Living situation

Why User Interviews Need This Data

Companies may need to gather feedback from a wide audience or want to focus their research on a particular community.

Fill Out Your Technical Details

You’ll then provide some details about your computer, tablet, and phone. Some studies may wish to video chat with the interviewer or record your response when you use a new website or online tool.

Fill out your profile as completely and truthfully as you can for the best results. If you provided an email address while registering, you will be urged to link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts so that you can be considered for more studies. This assists researchers in confirming your identity and, if appropriate, your professional credentials.

What Next, How You Can Apply for Studies

Login to your account and you will see the studies dashboard according to your profile information.

UserInterviews.com Reviews

You can see the different filters. Using these you can shorten the result based on your preferences. You can select only online or phone interviews or in-person.

Types of Studies at User Interviews

User Interviews is currently offering 4 types of studies

  • 1-on-1 Interview
  • Focus Group
  • Multi-Day Study
  • Unmoderated Task

One-on-one interviews: These take place over the phone, via webcam, or in person. You can be requested to comment on a prototype or respond to inquiries on a particular subject. We evaluated two websites, a smartphone app, and our eating habits while conducting our tests. All of these conversations took place during regular business hours, which could be problematic if you work a full-time job with no flexibility.

Focus groups: You will gather with several other participants in a physical location or online forum to offer input in a group setting. We took part in an online focus group where participants typed anonymous responses to questions about product packaging in real time.

Multi-day Study: These are more involved projects that require participants to commit to several days or weeks while also completing tasks or interviews. We were interviewed for flooring research in which we would have completed surveys at four key stages in the process of replacing a home’s flooring, even though we were not selected to participate in real-time

Unmoderated tasks: You can finish these on your own schedule, provided you do so by the timeframe specified by the researcher. You might have to finish a survey after you complete the activity. We tested a mobile app, a website, and an advertising campaign, and we had to complete surveys for each of them.

How You Will Be Getting Paid

For every paid research study you complete, you will earn a certain amount. And the good thing is, you will get paid immediately. You don’t need to reach a threshold to withdraw your earnings.

As explained earlier, the reward you will get will depend on the research study. Some studies will pay you in cash via PayPal or direct bank transfer, while some will reward you with an Amazon electronic gift card or a digital Reward Link gift card.

List of Some  Reward Link gift cards companies

  • Wallmart
  • Uber
  • Starbucks
  • DoorDash
  • Many More……

UserInterviews.com Reviews from Some Other Users:

Thousands of people working on user interviews and sharing their userinterviews.com reviews on different platforms

UserInterviews.com Reviews

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Best Ways to Save Money On Low-Income

In the vast land of online opportunities, UserInterviews.com stands out as a trusted platform for those looking to make money through user interviews. If you’re curious about what User Interviews are, how it work, who can participate, the types of jobs available, payment methods, and its legitimacy and safety, you’re in the right place. I have been personally using it for the past 1 year and it’s really a good platform to make easy money online.

About UserInterviews.com

UserInterviews.com is an online platform that connects businesses and product developers with individuals willing to participate in user research interviews. These interviews and feedback provide valuable insights about the user experience of different products, helping companies improve their products and services before the launch. By doing this companies are saving billions of their money.

How Does User Interviews Work?

UserInterviews.com simplifies the process of conducting user interviews for businesses. Here’s how it works:

Participating in interviews is a 5 Step easy process.

  • Businesses Post Studies: Companies post their research studies on the online platform, specifying the target audience, study details, and compensation.
  • Participants Apply: Anyone interested can browse available studies and apply to participate based on their demographics and interests.
  • Selection and Scheduling: The company reviews applications and selects participants. If chosen, you’ll be scheduled for an interview.
  • Participate in Interviews: Interviews can take various forms, including phone calls, video chats, or in-person meetings. You understand their products and services sharing your feedback and suggestions on the product or service.
  • Receive Compensation: Once the interview is complete, you’ll receive compensation as agreed upon before the study.

Who Can Be User Interviews Participants or Is Required Any Qualification?

UserInterviews.com welcomes a diverse range of participants, including:

Consumers: People who use products or services in their daily lives.

Professionals: Experts in specific fields or industries like Software Engineers, Security Analysts, Product Managers and many more

Parents: Those with children who can provide insights into family-oriented products.

Business Owners: Individuals who can provide feedback on tools or services related to entrepreneurship.

Types of User Interviews Jobs or Types of Studies

The types of user interview jobs available on UserInterviews.com vary. You may find opportunities to provide feedback on:

Websites: Testing website usability and design.

Mobile Apps: Evaluating app functionality and user-friendliness.

Consumer Products: Sharing opinions on physical products.

Software: Participating in software testing and user experience assessment.

The mode of study format could be in person, Over the Phone, or Online and the study type could be a 1-on-1 Interview, Focus Group, Multi-Day Study or Unmoderated Task.

How User Interviews Pay to Their Participants

UserInterviews.com compensates participants for their time and feedback. Payment methods typically include gift cards and PayPal transfers. The exact payment details are provided in the study description, so you’ll know what to expect before applying. For some of the studies, user interviews pay real money and it’s usually paid through a PayPal account. User interview normally takes 1 day to 1 month to pay to its participants. It actually depends on the type of study and study conducting company policy.

Types of Gift Cards

Is User Interviews Legit and Safe to Use?

UserInterviews.com has gained credibility as a legitimate platform for user research. According to the reviews of different participants, they are earning well using user interviews. User Interviews take privacy seriously and ensure that your personal information is protected. This is my real income proof.

How to Sign Up and Start Using UserInterviews.com

Click on the below URL


Create an Account: Provide your details, including your name, email address, and password.

Complete Your Profile: Fill out your profile with information about yourself, including your demographics and interests.

Browse Studies: Once your profile is complete, you can start browsing available studies and applying for those that match your profile.

UserInterviews.com is a legitimate and safe platform that allows you to earn money by participating in user research interviews. Whether you are a student, customer, employee, parent, or business owner, you should be paid for your time and have opportunities to share your ideas and opinions. So, why not give it a try and start making money online through valuable user interviews?

“Happy Earning

Do not forget to check UserInterviews.com Reviews

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