UserTesting is a popular online platform that connects businesses with remote testers for user experience testing. As a beginner, it’s natural to wonder if Usertesting is legit or a scam.

This is a well-established platform in the realm of user experience research. It provides a unique and valuable service by allowing businesses to receive real-time feedback from actual users, enabling them to enhance their products, websites, and applications.


What is UserTesting?

The company was founded by Dave Garr and Darrell Benatar back in 1999. Fast forward, a decade later the company has grown into the world’s leading human insight platform.

This is a remote-first company with collaboration spaces all around the globe.

Andy MacMillan is the current (Year 2023) CEO of the UserTesting.Co

Is UserTesting Legitimate?

UserTesting is a legitimate and reputable company that connects businesses with real users who participate in testing various digital products. It has a solid reputation in the industry and has been in operation for several years. The platform is recognized for its reliability and commitment to both businesses and testers.

usertesting.com is a legit platform

Some Facts about UserTesting.com

  • 75 of the Fortune 100 powered by UserTesting
  • The company has 1000 employees globally
  • They have around 3400 companies working with them
  • 10 Physical offices around the world
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UserTesting Reviews

UserTesting garners generally positive reviews from both businesses and testers. Businesses appreciate the valuable insights they receive, aiding in product development and optimization. Testers, on the other hand, value the flexibility and opportunity to earn money by participating in tests.

UserTesting.Com Payment Structure

UserTesting.com pays testers for completing tasks such as website or app testing, providing verbal feedback, and answering questions during the testing process. The pay varies depending on the complexity and length of the test. On average, testers can expect to earn around $10 to $60 per test. Payment is usually made via PayPal.

Usertesting.com Pricing

It offers various pricing tiers for businesses seeking user testing services. Pricing can vary based on the number of tests, the scale of the project, and the level of support required.

They have 3 pricing plans those who want to use their platform to conduct research or product testing

The plans are Start, Grow and Scale

To learn more about the UserTesting plans you can visit their official website

User Testing stands as a legitimate platform for businesses seeking user feedback and individuals interested in earning money by participating in tests. With positive reviews and a transparent payment system, it continues to be a valuable resource in the realm of user experience research. Businesses interested in its services should contact the platform directly for tailored pricing based on their specific needs.


What are the main benefits of using UserTesting.Com?

It offers individuals an opportunity to earn money by testing products, providing valuable feedback to businesses, and experiencing various products firsthand.

Is UserTesting.Com a legitimate platform for making money?

Yes, It is a legitimate platform that offers individuals an opportunity to earn money by participating in product tests and providing feedback.

How often are testing opportunities available on User Testing?

The frequency of testing opportunities on User Testing may vary, but many users find regular testing tasks available, allowing for consistent income potential.

Can UserTesting be a reliable source of supplementary income?

For many users, User Testing serves as a reliable source of supplementary income. However, the amount of income can vary based on individual availability and the number of tests.

Are there any drawbacks to using User Testing?

While It offers various benefits, some users may find limitations in the frequency of available tests or certain technical issues during the testing process.

What factors affect the payment rates on UserTesting?

Payment rates on User Testing can vary based on the complexity and length of the tests. Longer and more intricate tests typically offer higher compensation.

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