Old Dads is a 2023 American comedy film directed by Bill Burr in his managerial debut, which produced and co-wrote with Ben Tishler. It stars Burr, Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine. The spec script for Old Dads was noted in 2020. In March 2022, it was blazoned that Bill Burr was co-writing, directing and starring in a design called Old Dads for Miramax and Burr’s own product company All Effects Comedy. Blazoned as appearing alongside Burr were Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine.

The script was co-written by Ben Tishler, who’s also producing alongside Burr, Bill Block, Monica Levinson and Mike Bertolina. In March 2022, it was reported that Katie Aselton was playing Burr’s woman Leah. Reign Edwards was added to the cast that same month as Britney, Woodbine’s gal.

Principal photography commenced in Los Angeles on 2 March 2022 and joining the cast were Jackie Tohn, Miles Robbins, Rachael Harris, gusto McCloud, Justin Miles, Natasha Leggero, Katrina Bowden, Josh Brener and Rory Scovel. The point was described as a “semi-autobiographical” by The Hollywood journalist, who canvassed Burr from his on-set caravan in April 2022, and that the script was inspired by Burr and Tishler both passing motherhood fairly late in life. Bertolina called it” Bill’s stage-up in a narrative form”.


  • Bill Burr as Jack Kelly
  • Bobby Cannavale as Connor Brody
  • Bokeem Woodbine as Mike Richards
  •  Katie Aselton as Leah Kelly
  •  Reign Edwards as Britney
  • Jackie Tohn as Cara Brody
  •  Miles Robbins as Aspen Bell
  •  Rachael Harris as Dr Lois Schmieckel-Turne
  • Dash McCloud as Nate Kelly
  • Justin Miles as Travis Romine
  • C.Thomas Howell as Ed Cameron
  • Bruce Dern as Richie Jacobs
  • Dominic Grey Gonzalez as Colin Brody
  • Natasha Leggero as Kelly
  • Katrina Bowden as Joanna
  • Angela Gulner as Mimi
  • Josh Brener as Dana
  • Erin Wu as Diamelle
  • Carl Tart as Brian Dodson
  • Rick Glassman as Hunter Lewis
  • Abbie Cobb as Judy
  • Tom Allen as Scooter
  • Rory Scovel as Terrance Huffy-Schwinn
  • Steph Tolev as Steph
  • Paul Walter Hauser as Tracy

Movie Reviews

“Old Dads” has a great cast, but it’s barely a movie. That’s a shame because it’s the directorial debut of Bill Burr. Though mainly known as a comedian, talk show guest, and podcaster, Burr has distinguished himself as one of the best standups-turned-actors of his generation, consistently turning in performances in films and TV series that are more thoughtful than were probably necessary to get the job done, and sometimes outright impressive. “Old Dads,” about three middle-aged Los Angeles men who become fathers decades after giving up on the possibility, is that movie. 

Early in the movie, Jack gets into hot water at school for being two minutes late to pick up his son, incurring a fine and chastisement by the principal, whom he calls the C-word. To show contrition, he has to join in planning a fundraising party with his pals, who also have kids at the school, and emcee its charity auction. As with most such material in “Old Dads,” Jack is depicted as a fundamentally decent guy who just lost his cool for a minute, while everyone who had an issue with his outburst is hypersensitive and overreacting; the movie also suggests that Jack’s over punishment is part of a scheme to extract free labour from the parents.

During the party planning session, Jack and the guys are asked to suggest a theme, which gets tweaked by another parent so that an all-trans waitstaff will be hired; the guys don’t see the problem with calling them “trannys,” and here, too, they’re the reasonable ones or at least the not-bad-guys. 

There’s a lot of stuff like this in “Old Dads,” and most of it is like a standup bit that starts with “Don’t you hate it when,” then follows with a petty grievance that makes the comic seem like the one blowing things out of proportion. This is typified by a scene at a gym, where the men lob gendered insults to hype each other up during weightlifting, and there are cutaways to women in the gym looking aghast and annoyed: it’s all very much from the point of view of Jack and the fellas, just guys being guys in a feminized world.

Cannavale saves most of his scenes, playing a henpecked husband and father whose wife snaps her fingers to jolt him into submitting. He thinks he’s a hip and forever-young man; he keeps sidling up to younger characters, peppering them with ten-year-old slang phrases, and trying to act “down.” Woodbine fares less well because the script hasn’t thought through his midlife crisis over finding out that his much younger girlfriend is pregnant.

There’s a stretch in the final third where the three depressed and out-of-touch friends go out for a night on the town that seems like it wants to go for something gritty and real (like John Cassavetes’ “Husbands”). But it doesn’t have the nerve or knowhow to get there, although there is a funny bit with Kelly seeming to muse on the shambles of his life in a philosophical soliloquy, whereupon a flash of young flesh appears in the frame and the movie reveals that he’s paid for a lap dance but isn’t even paying attention to it. This is a film that could’ve been much more than it is. 


Is “Old Dads” based on a true story? 

No,” Old Dads” is a work of fabrication and not grounded in a true story. 

What’s the message or theme of the movie? 

The movie explores themes of family, ageing, conciliation, and the significance of maintaining connections with loved ones.

Where was” Old Dads” filmed?

“Old Dads” was primarily filmed in colourful locales across the United States, including scenes in New York, Florida, and California.  

Is” Old Dads” suitable for all periods?

 “Old Dads” is generally suitable for a broad followership. It has a PG-13 standing for some mild language and adult themes. 

 Has” Old Dads” entered any awards or nominations?

  “Old Dads” entered critical sun and was nominated for Stylish Ensemble Cast at the National Film Awards.

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