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Certification offers many advantages, they should be seen as complementary to practical experience and a strong portfolio. Some employers prioritize hands-on experience over certifications, so it’s wise to strike a balance between the two. There are certain way to take the exam and get certified. By Follow the below steps you can make this way easy.

1. Figure out which certification you should aim for :

Explore the different certifications available at different levels and decide which one will help your career the most. You could also ask your manager if there’s a particular certification they think you should get. If you’re looking for a job, check out job listings to see which certification most employers are looking for.


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2. Take time to learn and finish training classes.

While training isn’t required, you may consider finding a trainer to help you prepare. If a trainer isn’t in your budget, you can use an at-home test lab. Practice the labs in the books you’ve purchased or received from your trainer. Design your own solution for these labs. You can prepare from Youtube videos and from other learning platforms, Make a schedule for certification exam preparation.

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3. Try out some practice tests for certification exam

Take practice exams to help you prepare ahead of time for the real exam. It’s normal to score low the first time or two that you take the practice exams. Evaluate which sections you find the most challenging and prioritize those types of questions and topics during your future study sessions.Try to find online practice tests and solve those.


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4. Renew your certification time to time

It’s often necessary to renew certifications on a regular basis. Some require yearly renewal. Make sure you know if you’re required to renew your certification and how to do so. This way, you can continue to list the credential on your resume. 

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