LoopCV Introduction:

LoopCV is the first platform in the market that completely automates the job search. It emerged out of our own desire to get employment without having to spend many hours looking through and filling out countless online applications. Just automate your job search using the LoopCV AI-based tool and be on top of your job hunt. By my own experience, I am recommending this Tool.

Not just job-seekers can take advantage of this tool but also Employers can benefit from LoopCV by using its tools to identify potential candidates more effectively.

Features of LoopCV

Auto Apply: With the Auto Apply feature, LoopCV simplifies the application process by automatically submitting your resume to multiple job listings. Just indicate LoopCV where to look for jobs that fit this criteria, such as LinkedIn. Then, LoopCV AI will automatically submit an application to every job that meets your criteria.

One Click Apply: Applying for jobs has never been easier. With a single click, you can express your interest in a job listing, eliminating the need for repetitive form filling and submissions.

Organize Your Search: LoopCV offers tools to help you keep track of your job applications, making it easier to manage multiple job prospects efficiently. You can categorize applications, set reminders, and stay organized throughout your job search journey.

Dynamic Emails: It assists you in crafting compelling emails when contacting potential employers.

CV Improvements: Your resume is often your first impression with employers. LoopCV provides expert guidance and suggestions to enhance your CV, ensuring it stands out and effectively showcases your qualifications.

Exclude Companies: If there are specific companies or organizations you’d like to avoid or not apply to, LoopCV allows you to exclude them from your job search. This feature helps you focus on opportunities that align with your preferences.

Job Matching: LoopCV’s algorithms analyze your skills, experience, and preferences to recommend job listings that match your profile. This ensures that you apply to positions that are a good fit for you.

Job Filtering: The platform offers advanced filtering options, allowing you to refine your job search based on criteria such as location, salary range, industry, and more. This helps you pinpoint the most relevant job openings.

How Does LoopCV Work?

How to Apply for a Job Using LoopCV?

LoopCV operates on the principle of job search automation. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how the platform functions:

Sign Up: Begin by creating a LoopCV account. During the registration process, you’ll choose a plan that suits your needs, whether it’s the free Basic Looper plan or one of the premium plans. Provide your email address and other necessary information to get started.

Profile Setup: After signing up, complete your profile with detailed information about your skills, work history, and job preferences. The more comprehensive your profile, the better LoopCV can match you with relevant job opportunities.


Job Search: Once your profile is set up, you can start your job search. You can manually search for jobs or allow LoopCV to recommend positions based on your profile.

Apply Effortlessly: This simplifies the application process. You can use the Auto Apply feature to submit your resume to suitable job listings automatically. Alternatively, the One Click Apply feature allows you to express your interest with just a single click.

Stay Organized: It provides tools to help you manage your applications. You can categorize them, set reminders, and track responses, ensuring you stay organized throughout your job search.

Is LoopCV Free to Use?

No, it is Not Completely Free, Only the Basic Version is Free

LoopCV offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

Basic Looper (Free version of LoopCV) :

It comes with up to 1 job title search (loop) per month, up to 10 applications or emails per month,3 job boards, and low-priority applications.

Standard Looper :

With Standard Looper, you can get up to 20 job title searches in parallel per month, up to 100 applications or emails per month, 20 job boards, medium priority applications, search for remote jobs anywhere in the world and custom email addresses.

Premium Looper :

Premium Looper plans to offer up to 50 job title searches in parallel (loops) per month, up to 300 applications or emails per month, 20 job boards, high-priority applications, a search for remote jobs anywhere in the world and a custom email address.

For LoopCVs pricing details, Visit their official website.

Who Can Use LoopCV?

LoopCV is a versatile platform that serves various user groups:

Individuals: Job seekers looking to simplify and optimize their job search process.

Businesses: Companies seeking to identify and attract top talent efficiently and effectively.

Bootcamps: Educational institutions and programs assisting students in transitioning into the workforce.

Universities: Academic institutions supporting students and alumni in their career pursuits by leveraging it’s capabilities.

Whitelabel: Customized solutions for organizations looking to integrate this into their services and offerings.

Recruiters: Professional recruiters using LoopCV to streamline candidate sourcing and evaluation.

Agencies: Employment agencies that benefit from It’s tools to enhance their candidate placement process.

Affiliates: Partners promoting LoopCV’s services and earning commissions for referrals.

Career Advisors: Professionals offering guidance and support to job seekers, using LoopCV to enhance their services.

Resume Writers: Experts providing CV improvement services, utilizing LoopCV to assist their clients in crafting compelling resumes.

Developers (API): Developers can integrate LoopCV’s capabilities into their own applications, enhancing the user experience and functionality.

Internal Reshuffle: Companies looking to optimize internal job placement and talent management.

Resume Parsing: It helps extract and analyze data from resumes efficiently, improving the recruitment process.

Lead Scoring: Evaluate potential candidates using LoopCV’s lead scoring system, ensuring that the most qualified individuals are identified.

In conclusion, LoopCV is a powerful tool that can significantly simplify and optimize your job search process. Sign up today and experience the future of job hunting with LoopCV!

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